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Strengthening Capacity among Livelihoods

Youth Organization for Innovations & Entrepreneurship - Generating a niche of innovative & entrepreneurial fraternity of Youths

Generating productive and sustainable employment opportunities remains core among employment policy interventions in Kenya. Youth and women account for 67% of the unemployed. Many of these have no job training other than formal schooling. Hence, unemployment is not just a lack of jobs, but also a lack of skills due to inadequacy of the training infrastructure and poverty. As population pressure mounts, it is necessary for innovative measures to be undertaken towards curbing the unemployment quagmire. Nonetheless, this move quests for concerted efforts including the youths themselves becoming part of solution providers. Before grappling with how and where opportunities to engage young people in employment will come from, it is necessary to first equip them with fundamental but nessary skills that match there best of fit. Lack of clear and supportive platforms for nurturing innovations, appropriate application of science, technology and communication of research outputs has contributed to unsuccessful empowerment of young people. Bridging the gap between senior & young researchers is a further necessity that will see knowledge transfer grow faster & increasing the capability of technology integration by young stars applicable to local conditions.


Agriculture has considerable potential for job and wealth creation and may go a long way in absorbing a large number of un-employed youths and curb rural-urban migration alongside associated risks.   Its boundaries are rapidly expanding and will need innovative, excited, and motivated people who are “Young Original Unique Talented and Hopeful, - our YOUTH”. Agricultural development is thus an essential instrument for economic growth and consequently one of the pillars of the country’s blueprint - Vision 2030.

Renewable Energy
Access to modern forms of energy has become prerequisite. Approximately 1.3 billion(globally) and 33.4 million(in Kenya) people are without access to electricity and more than 2.6 billion(globally) people rely on the traditional use of biomass for cooking. The use of inefficient lighting and cooking appliances results in over 14600 lives being lost annually in Kenya. Nonetheless, there exists a number of modern energy technologies but it is not suprising that still over three-quaters of population is unable to gain access. The, unequal access to electricity has developed a sense of social inequality and segregation.

Environmental conservation continues to raise concern in minds that care about our future generations with matters such as climate change, rising urbanization, tripling population among others. It is important for every individual to take up the initiative of preserving products that come forth from environment. Thus, YOIE purposes to enhance campaigns to grass roots to sensitize all and sundry on the significance of making prompt conservative measures in order to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience.

Science,Technology & Innovations
The present dynamics in social and economic sectors require integration of formal knowledge- creativity with traditional knowledge to make knew knowledge that aim at enhancing value. It is a moment for furnished youths to come on board with ideas that shift from measurement to impact measurement. Stability in technological advancement depends on a range of factors including elaborate mechanisms for knowledge transfer alongside appropriate research and development measures. Information exchange in this sector is used to explore the role of science and technology in solving pertinent economic constrains.

Reproductive Health and gender call

Youths at risk factors including reproductive health, teenage pregnancy-prevention and coping, substance abuse, abortion, maternal and newborn health as well as HIV & AIDS have not realized ultimate address. This has led to many youths failing to deliver to their potential or simply indulging into undesirable practices. The gender dimention is further a key parameter for mainstreaming both at institutional and functional unit level.

Weekly Quote!

"Youth voice is crucial to the overall effectiveness of service- learning programs. Youth voice has a tremendous impact on program participation and program outcomes, both short term and long term." - (Education Commission of the States)



Social Enterprise Development

YOIE is working with various grassroot organizations and groups towards building capacity of thousands of their members on tapping available resources where applicable, generating where they are absent and transforming these into commercial enterprises whilst creating jobs.

Policy Dialogue Workshop

This workshop aims at engaging youth representatives from selected grassroot and county level organizations will discuss with decision makers at national and county levels. A policy brief and communiqué will be developed for sharing among national and county planners for inclusive planning and development

Agri-Business Development Project

The main objective of this project is to promote awareness and education concerning application of climate smart agriculture and the introduction of hybrid energy systems for enhanced value addition, reduction of post harvest losses and the need for its prioritization as well as integration of weather-based planning and early warning systems in agriculture prioritizing involvement of youths.

Conference on "Accelerating National Development through Innovations and Creativity" June 2015

This conference will bring together key stakeholders responsible for development within the social and economic spheres including, innovators, researchers, academia, private sector catalysts for development and donor agencies. The main aim will be to develop an actionable strategy towards stimulating, nurturing and appreciating innovations for improved livelihoods in Kenya.

Enhancing Sound Leadership Trajectory among Youth Leaders

This project aims at empoweing youth leaders in charge of associations, societies, groups, and organizations on emulative leadership skills and the role of youths in supporting county development objectives and responsible governance strategies in respective niches.

Capacity Building on Biotechnology Application in Agriculture for Improved Productivity

YOIE is collaborating with National Biosafety Authority to build capacity of farmer organizations on application of biotechnologies in agricultural production wilst upholding biosafety regulations.

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