As a youth organization, we seek uplifting economic standards of the youths through entrepreneurial skills’ sharing and capacity building. This is meant to provide platforms that trigger entrepreneurship projects aimed at providing income generation opportunities. By this, we are exploring grounds on to which we can motivate and encourage youths to establish enterprises and strive towards self-employment as well as creating employment opportunities for others instead of becoming job seekers. The organization visualizes a society whose youths transform to become autonomous, economically productive citizens, and family members able to influence siblings. In achieving this vision, we have put in place a variety of strategies including free training programmes for the youths across all levels. Arrangements are in place to have demonstration fields for our trainees in various regions for which the respective entrepreneurial projects may be deemed feasible.


Agricultural sector greatly contributes to the gross domestic product of our nation. However, a greater percentage of the output in this sector comes from age scoop slightly above the youthful bracket. Majority of the youths view agriculture as last alternative to successful livelihood. Nevertheless, as an organization comprising of youthful influencers, we seek to increase the number of youths involved in entrepreneurial agriculture and insinuate a fascinative perception among generations.


We recognize the fact that energy is a key driver of any economy whether in developing or developed countries. Thus we need to create environs that favor innovations in the energy sector by coming up with alternative generating mechanisms as well as better utility criterions. Today, unequal access to electricity has developed a sense of social inequality and segregation. Further, our sectoral objective is exploring cheaper methods of harnessing renewable energy using locally available materials and sensitizing fraternities on fundamental tips of cutting down energy consumptions.


Environmental conservation continues to raise concern in minds that care about our future generations with matters such as climate change, rising urbanization, tripling population among others. It is important for every individual to take up the initiative of preserving products that come forth from environment. Thus, YOIE purposes to enhance campaigns to grass roots to sensitize all and sundry on the significance of making prompt conservative measures in order to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience.

Research and innovations

Results of research have revolutionalised the modern world. Indeed, elementary research deserves to be highly valued for its role in acquiring knowledge and promoting scientific and technological development in our country. As we become vulnerable to poverty, low education levels, and low proportion of young researchers, innovations stand out as key proof of our competence. However, effective innovations that seek to solve local problems have to be preceded with intensive and relevant research, hence our initiative.


The present dynamics in social and economic sectors require integration of formal knowledge- creativity with traditional knowledge to make knew knowledge that aim at enhancing value. It is a moment for furnished youths to come on board with ideas that shift from activity measurement to impact measurement. Stability in technological advancement depends on a range of factors including elaborate mechanisms for knowledge transfer alongside appropriate research and development measures. Information exchange in this sector is used to explore the role of science and technology in solving pertinent economic constrains.


Regional workshops

Training of Association / Youth Group Leaders on Leadership Skills & Financial Management in Nairobi, Kakamega & Kitui Counties.

Regional Projects

Set up of Dairy Project in Kakamega Bee Hive Projects in Kitui County Slum Upgrade in Nairobi County

Environmental Conservation

Campaigns on Green Energy Techniques & Tips Adaptation to Climate Change Tree Planting & Soil Conservation

Potential Development

Visit Academic Institutions & Award Best Students in Sciences & Arts to Steer up Innovations and Promote Enterprise Spirit aiming at Producing Job Creators not Seekers as Usual.